Greenshoot started in 2009 by four film and advertising people, our service now includes:

Sustainable Productions +-

Greenshoot support film, TV and advertising productions in the UK and around the world in their mission to be more sustainable. Along the way their carbon emissions will be reduced, as well as their costs.
We've supported over 160 productions, with budgets ranging from £5,000 to £100m.

Green Screen Environmental Programme +-

A brand new scheme for filming partnered by Film London, the BFI, the London Boroughs and Creative Skillset. It gives filming productions a basic, simple and practical environmental plan with certification at the end.

Production Asset Donations +-

As part of the sustainability programme, our not for profit arm donates unwanted production assets to charities and schools. This saves on production removal costs and gives new life to props, furniture, clothes and food.

Sustainability Consultancy for Businesses +-

Our award winning consultancy arm assesses the social and environmental impacts of businesses. For those who embrace their corporate social responsibilities, a Greenshoot assessment can result in increased business opportunities and cost savings.

Sustainable Production Training Courses +-

Especially popular with those new to the industry, the Green Runner is the newest film grade, providing a different route into the production world. The unique course prepares you for the industry.

Paul Evans

Paul co-founded Greenshoot and is involved in all aspects of the company. He's also an award winning advertising creative director and scriptwriter.

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Melanie Dicks

Melanie has worked in film production in senior roles for over 25 years. In 2009 she co-founded Greenshoot, the first company of its kind. She is a recognised expert in sustainability and has advised and lectured all over Europe.

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Adam Richards

Adam has worked as a location manager on some of the biggest UK films of the past 20 years. A co-founder, he advises Greenshoot on film production related matters.

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Cathy Green

For over two decades, Cathy has been a highly successful commercials producer, filming all over the globe. As a co-founder, she advises on sustainability and production matters.

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