Greenshoot offer sustainability consultancy for a wide range of businesses

Why have a sustainability assessment of your business?

Well, companies who embrace their corporate social responsibilities
can realise many benefits;

  • 1. Cutting costs.
  • 2. Winning new business through increased brand reputation.
  • 3. Attracting talented staff.
  • 4. Improvement in staff motivation and retention.

Being known as a company that takes its CSR seriously has been proven to help attract new business. It publicly defines the kind of company you are.

A bespoke assessment would include a sustainability audit, which involves a review of energy, water, waste and your supply chain. This will identify efficiencies - and inefficiencies - in the current systems, invariably leading to cost savings.

We also carry out carbon footprint analysis to set a benchmark for the organisation. This will provide a base level to improve upon over time.

This sends a key message to staff, suppliers and clients that the company takes the issue of their corporate social responsibilities seriously.


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