Greenshoot production sustainability training & education

As more productions embrace environmental sustainability as an integral part of film making, the demand for a trained industry increases.

Greenshoot offer education and training programmes to productions wanting an unserstanding of simple measures to help them reduce their environmental impacts and help the bottom line.

We run courses that give a comprehensive overview of the process of filming, including a guide to the British Standard BS 8909, a sustainability management system for film. Also, we cover the ISO 14001 family of standards, providing practical tools for productions and organisations looking to manage their environmental responsibilities.

Training and education includes:

Green Runner testimonials
Aaron Hopkins

The Man Who Knew Infinity - production assistant
Mission Impossible 5 - production assistant
Woman In Black 2 - green runner

"The training offered by Greenshoot is great. You learn so much and meet so many people that are striving to make a positive change. I've been able to influence others that I have worked with and shared knowledge learned on the course. It really helped lay the foundations of my career in film and I am proud to be a part of it."

Myron Johnson

Adele videos - green runner
Lady Macbeth - production assistant
Swallows & Amazons - green runner

"The training course Greenshoot ran was the perfect introduction to not only the role of a Green Runner but the basics of being on a film set. Since the course I've been lucky enough to virtually go from job to job and the knowledge I gained has stayed with me. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to add another string to their bow as a runner."

Ed Khan

Free Fire - green runner

"Greenshoot were extremely helpful as I'd never worked on a feature film and throughout the shoot they encouraged me and consistently gave me good advice. As their dedicated 'green' runner, they taught me how to keep a film environmentally sustainable and helped guide me through the challenging first feature."

Tam O'Malley

Avengers, Age of Ultron - art dept trainee
The Incident - green runner
45 Years - green runner

"Greenshoot's carefully constructed and environmentally aware mission goals make for dedicated and insightful training on the course This is a vital step to working towards a much greener filmmaking future and helping the next generation of crew members, like myself, enter the industry at the same time. Greenshoot training is genuinely the best decision I have made and I can't recommend their education, support and after care enough. Proud to be a Greenshooter!"

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