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Producer's Green Production half day training course

For Producers/Line Producers/Production Managers it's the opportunity to understand how a sustainable production can not only cut your production's carbon emissions but also its costs.

Date: October 20th, London

Course Outline

Having a sustainable production is gradually becoming a more common approach to filming. The merits of adopting sustainability practices are now being evidenced not only in a reduction of carbon emissions but in the bottom line. Green strategies can save on the budget.

This half-day/evening course will cover all key aspects of Sustainable Production, from how to establish a simple environmental management system to choosing ethical suppliers.

Case studies will be presented of sustainable films from all budget ranges along with the growth of the Green Runner role and an introduction to the British Standard 8909, a sustainable management system for film.

Also covered is the online Green Screen Environmental Production Programme backed by the BFI and Film London. Though not a mandatory yet the sustainability issue will only grow in relevance and may eventually be like Health & Safety - an essential for every shoot.

BFI, 21 Stephen St, London W1T 1LN

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Creative Skillset

Employers regard working as a Runner as vital entry-level experience, since it demands that the runner is able to work flexibly and think on their feet to help ensure that the creative team operates smoothly.


The BFI's 5 year plan on sustainability: As the lead body for film in the UK, we embrace best practice and take seriously our responsibility to co-ordinate a UK-wide sustainability strategy for all parts of the film sector.

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